New collaborations!

I have started collaborating and contributing to I will also be posting here a bit. So I know have two blogs (that I will write to infrequently :P)


I completed 5 years with WordPress!

I just got a notification in my WP dashboard telling me that I completed 5 years. And my first thought was: “Wow, thats huge!”

Indeed it is. Thats quite a journey. I used to blog at previously. But I was inactive and that domain was not renewed. I then stopped writing completely, because I found twitter where it was much easy to tweet small morsels of thought intermittently. In other words, writing a blog needs patience 🙂

How to uninstall all but default gems?

The following one liner will remove all but the default gems.

gem list | awk '{print $1}' | grep -Ev 'bundle|test-unit|rdoc|psych|io-console|minitest|rake|bigdecimal|json' | xargs gem uninstall -Iax

The grep pattern is something that is more suited to my current project, but you get the idea. I will try to make a script soon, that will get all default gems and pass this to the grep block.

How to begin with a test driven ruby project

I am learning ruby now since the past fortnight, and have learnt a lot. I began with ruby koans and random questions on Stackoverflow. But soon, time had come for me to start solving coding problems. And I could just open a text-editor and start coding. But that is not how I was told to do it.

The way I was told to approach the problem, is to first create a workspace, that conform to (unsaid?) ruby coding practices. Creating a particular folder structure, placing the files in the appropriate folders and what not. Then initiate a git repo so I can collaborate if necessary.

As with all things ruby, there is an easy way to do it.

Ruby Koans

I was told to practice the Ruby Koans and I was following the Red Green methodology for most part. Then, somewhere around halfway through the course, I was asked to solve a problem. I just performed my first (that I can recall) Red-Green-Refactor here. It was awesome. And as Jim Weirich said in a recent RubyConf talk, a green test is something to celebrate 🙂

Hello, world!

Hello, World!

I remember my BASIC assignment in 5th grade. My first program would output the same words as the title of this post. I will try to publish interesting things I  come across. Be it programming, or life in general. Thinking about making a 1 post per day rule, but rules are meant to be broken! That’s it.

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